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Company News About Monthly sales of duplex stainless steel plates bucked the trend and hit a new high
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Monthly sales of duplex stainless steel plates bucked the trend and hit a new high

Latest company news about Monthly sales of duplex stainless steel plates bucked the trend and hit a new high

Recently, news came from TISCO's technical center and marketing center that in July this year, TISCO's duplex stainless steel plate products achieved growth against the trend, with monthly sales exceeding 12,000 tons. This was the first time that monthly sales exceeded 12,000 tons after June this year. After 10,000 tons, it hit a record high again.


As the earliest enterprise in my country to develop and produce duplex stainless steel, TISCO regards duplex stainless steel as one of its key strategic products. Taking its national mission as its own responsibility, it gives full play to its technical advantages that have been cultivated for many years and continuously solves the "stuck neck" problem. At present, TISCO has formed a series of duplex stainless steel products covering economical, standard and super types, and has made breakthroughs in key preparation technologies such as steel cleanliness, thermal processing, microstructure and property control, special surface treatment, and efficient pickling. The products The physical quality has reached the international advanced level, and it has successfully replaced imports in many fields, and has been used in many major projects such as large-scale water conservancy projects, nuclear power, chemical tanker transportation, seawater desalination, papermaking, new energy batteries, hydrometallurgy, rocket engines, ships, etc. Important fields and key equipment have been widely used, and the domestic market share has ranked first for many years. In addition, TISCO's duplex stainless steel plates have also created many unique products at home and abroad. We cooperated with domestic pipe-making enterprises on overseas natural gas pipeline projects, overcame a large number of technical difficulties, and solved the technical problems of materials taking into account low-temperature toughness, high-temperature tensile strength and corrosion resistance. We have successively passed the approvals of Shell, BP (British Petroleum Company), NORSOK ( Recognized by international technical specifications such as the Norwegian Petroleum Industry Technical Regulations), it has been the exclusive supplier of domestic duplex stainless steel plates in this field for many years. In 2023, TISCO will increase sales of 15,000 tons of duplex stainless steel plates for chemical tankers at home and abroad. Its domestic market share in this field is close to 100%. It is the only domestic supplier of duplex stainless steel plates for chemical tankers in my country. TISCO is also the only company in China that can roll duplex stainless steel plates with a thickness of 6-8mm in a single sheet. In terms of ultra-wide and ultra-thick steel plates, with the official launch of the 4300mm hot-rolled plate production line, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is actively developing ultra-thick duplex stainless steel plates with a thickness of more than 70mm to assist the localization of materials for petrochemical, papermaking, offshore platform and other projects. process. In recent years, in the face of an increasingly competitive market, in order to stabilize the duplex stainless steel plate market share and improve product profitability, TISCO has continued to strengthen its differentiated product development strategy. The duplex stainless steel plate SBU team has faced the difficulties and kept a close eye on the market. In order to meet the market demand in the terminal field, while continuously consolidating the market share of major projects and important fields, we strive to develop new economical stainless steel field markets and achieve good results. Economical duplex steel cold plates are used in the production of heat exchange tubes in the domestic tank container field, successfully replacing imports. On this basis, the team continued to extend the demand for this product, reasonably controlled the surface roughness of the steel plate, and successfully won the bid for a cathode plate project in South Africa, achieving a new breakthrough in the application field of duplex stainless steel plates.


Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe market situation in the stainless steel industry, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has on the one hand increased its efforts in the development of new duplex stainless steel plate products, and on the other hand has adopted a more active marketing strategy to help market expansion. The duplex stainless steel plate SBU team has visited terminal project owners, design institutes, and equipment manufacturing companies many times. Starting from the customer's working conditions, they have a detailed understanding of and recommend duplex stainless steel materials based on user conditions, and provide customers with targeted laboratory corrosion, welding, etc. Technical work, helping customers solve problems encountered in actual use one by one, and continuously improving product stickiness and user satisfaction. In the future, TISCO will keep in mind its original mission, strengthen its mission, continue to show the energy to "create" and the courage to "do", continue to seize the commanding heights of the industry, continue to promote duplex stainless steel products to lead domestic demand, and enhance international competitiveness. force and contribute more to the rise of China's manufacturing industry.