Price adjustment of precision stainless steel strip in2022 summer

August 5, 2022
Latest company news about Price adjustment of precision stainless steel strip in2022 summer

The price of precision stainless steel strip is often adjusted as the market changes in the summer of 2022, what the price of the product is like? Today let's sort out the current market for your reference.


316L steel strip: the spot price of 316L steel strip has fallen recently, Down 800 yuan per ton, while the main stream price of 304 steel strip is 17,000 yuan per ton; the spot price of 201 steel strip has also fallen compared with earlier times, the price fell 200 yuan per ton and the 201 hot-rolled main stream price to 8,900 yuan per ton. From the overall point of view, the price of steel strip is weak and stable operation.


With the drop in the price of stainless steel futures last month and the downward adjustment of prices in the industry, coupled with the excessive capital pressure of some traders at the end of last month, under the influence of these numerous factors, lead to the spot price of steel strip showed a downward trend, which led to the entire market transaction cold.


Due to the recent price increase by steel mills, many traders have started to become active in their inquiry sheets, and downstream end customers have also started to have a purchase item. Some traders are also in need of restocking, so the trading volume has improved, traders also take advantage of price increases, but some downstream end-users see traders raise prices, so the desire to deal.