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Company News About Surface Processing Of Stainless Steel Sheet
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Surface Processing Of Stainless Steel Sheet

Latest company news about Surface Processing Of Stainless Steel Sheet

Surface Processing Of Stainless Steel Sheet


latest company news about Surface Processing Of Stainless Steel Sheet  0



Mesh surface processing


Stainless steel can be used in many kinds of patterns. The advantages of making steel plates with textured or textured surfaces are as follows:


(1) Reducing the "oil can-ning" of metallic roofing materials, a term used to describe the surface of a bright material that is not smooth from an optical point of view. Forexample: large areas of decorative panels, even after stretching straightening or tension straightening, it is difiult to make the surface completely straight, so there will bemetal roofing material shrinkage.


(2) netted patterns can reduce glare in the sun.


(3) if the pattern board has slight scratches and small area indentation, it is not very obvious.


(4) increase the strength of the steel plate.


(5) provides a choice for architects. Patented patterns include cloth (used in London's Ed Tower), mosaic, pearl and leather. Corrugated and linear patterns can also beused. The pattern surface is especially suitable for interior decoration, such as elevator panels, counters, panels and entrance.


External application should take into account that the stainless steel can be washed through rain and manual washing surface, to avoid easy accumulation of dirt and airimpurities dead angle, so as not to cause corrosion impact aesthetic.


Surface Finishing


Surface finishing is one of the most common surface finishing. It is polished with nylon abrasive belt or brush on the surface of polished or brightly annealed steel plate